Cooking Equipment

How to Choose a Steam-Jacketed Kettle

Steam-jacketed kettles bring a number of advantages. Study capacity, power and control options, and tilt mechanisms when picking a model.

How to Spec an Electric Fryer

Many models are energy efficient, put out less heat into the kitchen and last longer than gas counterparts. Here’s how to specify an electric fryer.

Convection Oven Cleaning & Maintenance

Protect the life and operation of your convection oven with regular cleaning and maintenance.

1 Product 4 Ways: Ready, Set, Toast!

Here are the most recent models from four suppliers to jump-start your research.

Sizing Up Mini Combi Ovens

Mini combi ovens, measuring only about 20-in.W or so, enable foodservice beyond typical restaurants. Think coffee shops, bars, food trucks and more.

Ventless Hoods 101

Ventless hoods allow minis and other combis to be installed far away from the heavy-duty, grease-sucking Type I hoods and extensive ductwork seen in commercial kitchens.

How Technology Makes Combi Oven Cleaning Easier

The perfect mini combi oven for your needs won’t stay perfect without regular cleaning and maintenance.

What to Consider When Choosing a Hearth Oven for Your Operation

Always wanted a hearth oven but not sure where to start? We got you.

Pizza Oven Shutdown Shows Just How Connected Kitchen Operations Are

Joshua Perkins, Clark Service Group, explains how slamming pots can shut down a pizza oven.

PRODUCTS: August 2019

The Mt. St. Helens grill is the centerpiece of the display kitchen at this chain

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