Equipment Lists by Concept or Station

12. SignageHostStandWEB

The Anatomy of Blue Highway Pizza’s Pickup Area

Blue Highway Pizza’s customers may increasingly be choosing to take their orders to-go, but their loyalty isn’t going anywhere.

Anatomy of a Well-Designed Dock

A residence hall's dock meets a university's demands, from recycling to security.

Anatomy of a Scrapping Station

Generations Tower at ProMedica Toledo Hospital illustrates some best practices when designing a scrapping station.

Anatomy Of A Pastry Station

Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer of Chicago’s French Pastry School shares these tips for setting up a pastry station

Anatomy Of A Well-Designed Beverage Station

N. Wasserstrom & Sons helps identify the finer points of good beverage station design.

Anatomy Of A Dishroom

Good equipment choices and layout tips can help you to design a dishroom that’s efficient and comfortable for employees.

Anatomy Of A Drive-Thru

Packing a lot of foodservice action into a small space requires careful planning. Don’t miss these top tips from a leading fabricator.

Anatomy Of An Island Suite

J. Russell Stilwell, FCSI, Principal of Next Step Design, Annapolis, Md., shares best tips for designing an island suite.

Anatomy Of Arby’s New Kitchen

In Arby’s new cooking/sandwich assembly platform, key equipment changes have reduced operating costs, saved energy and improved product quality.

Anatomy Of A Well-Designed Cold Storage

The right shelving, optimal use of space, good lighting - all matter in a walk-in. By carefully planning your cold storage space, you reduce waste and improve your food quality and safety.

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