Carpigiani/Ali Group The Magica machine is a self-serve, pump-driven automatic machine that delivers portions from 2- to 6-oz. Unit comes with heat treatment available (for cleaning once every 14 days) and a hopper agitator (for stirring mix to prevent separation). The machine features “Teorema,” Carpigiani’s patented machine performance tracking and communication system that monitors not…

FOCUS: Braising The Limit

Operators who use tilting braising pans swear they’re the most versatile piece of equipment in a kitchen, and you don’t have to be a pinball wizard to use them.

FOCUS: Ethnic Specialists

You’re reading more and more about the wonderful and authentic ethnic equipment designers specify today, especially in open kitchens and display cooking stations. Here’s a closer look at eight categories.

FER FOCUS: New Tools For Tackling Food Waste

Landfills are filling up, and jurisdictions from sea to shining sea are looking to divert food waste. We look at two new types of systems getting traction in the U.S.

BACK STORY: Bent Shaft Causes Fryer Problems

A user issue leads to a design issue as well.

FOCUS: Espresso Express

Super-automatic espresso machines make it easier than ever to implement a specialty beverage service in any operation.


Check out three profile-brewing machines that can give your operation an instant entrée into the world of craft-level coffee and tea.

FER EXCLUSIVE: Smallwares & Tabletop On Display

Eleven innovative products from a field of nearly 40 items took top honors in FER’s 2013 Smallwares & Tabletop Awards.

FOCUS: Good Washers Come In Small Packages

In the shadow of bigger stablemates, undercounter warewashers come of age.

BACK STORY: Always Read The Directions

step-by-step training fixed the sludge problem

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