Cube Ice Machine Gallery

This slim-line modular cuber, turning out 325 lb./24 hr., produces individual crescent ice cubes using a dual-sided stainless evaporator that’s mostly flat except for small dimples. Water flows over the dimples and forms a crescent shape and when the machine harvests, each crescent cube pops off individually. The CycleSaver design produces the same quantity of ice in about half as many cycles as the competition, the company reports.

Making ice “pure and simple,” the ICE0400A produces 368 lb./24 hr. Practical design features include Harvest Assist, which overpowers scale buildup and improves energy efficiency by speeding up ice harvesting, and durable, electro-less nickel plating on the evaporator plate for improved reliability. Ice-O-Matic recently released an optional ozone delivery system, the O3-Matic, a device that infuses water coming into the machine with ozone, killing microbes on every surface it touches and hindering future growth.

Producing an exclusive square cube, the GT360 features an upside-down horizontal (rather than vertical) evaporator and water plate assembly. As water sprays upward into the evaporator grid cells, the pure water freezes first while particulates and air are forced out and dumped at the end of each cycle; the process results in a crystal-clear cube. Rely on the air-cooled model to turn out 246 lb. to 275 lb. per 24 hr. depending on whether you need full cubes or half cubes.

Koolaire by Manitowoc’s Model K-0420, making 305 lb. to 310 lb. per 24 hr. depending on cube size, boasts easy access to the machine’s ice-making and storing “food zones” with removal of two screws and a lift-off door; easily remove the water shield, distribution tube, pump, floats and trough by hand. Other construction features include a smudge- and fingerprint-resistant exterior finish and white plastic throughout the food zones to help identify areas that need cleaning.

Built-in intelligent diagnostics on the Indigo 500, which, depending on cube size produces 370 lb. to 410 lb. per 24 hr., provides ’round-the-clock preventative maintenance and diagnostic feedback for trouble-free operation. Programmable ice production improves energy efficiency—high production during high-demand times, lower production in low-demand times or production during times when energy costs are lowest. The EasyRead display communicates operating status and cleaning reminders. Easily access the “food zones” using the hinged front door; many components are removable for efficient cleaning. LuminIce II UV bacteria growth inhibitor is an option.

Making 374 lb./24 hr. of crystal-clear slab ice, this NSF- and UL-approved ice maker comes low maintenance and easy to clean. Use this modular model in many applications, from restaurants to bars and hotels. Other highlights include advanced electronic controls, an easy-to-use automatic cleaning setting and a durable, stainless exterior.

The Prodigy Plus line of self-monitoring ice machines builds on the Prodigy platform and delivers a number of customer-driven enhancements. Producing 300 lb./24 hr., the Prodigy Plus C0330 features external AutoAlert indicator lights; a front-facing air filter to reduce side-clearance requirements; and a QR code that instantly connects you to service information and warranty history. The WaterSense adaptive purge control automatically reduces scale buildup. Scotsman offers the ECO3ICE ozone-based growth-inhibitor as an option.

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