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PRODUCTS: November 2016

Committed to becoming more environmentally sustainable, O&H Danish Bakery, Racine, Wis., put into service this past spring Grind2Energy, a food waste recycling system by InSinkErator/Emerson. Crews installed the system at the company’s bakery center, where artisan bakers prepare pastries every day—most notably kringle—for five retail stores, as well as mail order and wholesale programs. “Throughout our baking process, we have areas that produce food waste, including scraps that can’t be reused or products that, unfortunately, don’t meet our quality standards,” says Peter Olesen, V.P. of O&H. “We run our pre- or post-bake scraps and other food waste—including grease from our doughnut fryer—through the Grind2Energy system. The InSinkErator grinder converts the waste into a slurry, which then moves into a heat-jacketed holding tank outside of our facility.” Once fluid levels in the tank reach a certain point, a sensor notifies a transportation team, who moves the material via truck to a local anaerobic digestion facility. Here, captured emitted gases (methane) are converted into electricity or natural gas and the remaining bio-solids become fertilizer. “Prior to Grind2Energy, we aggregated food waste for animal feed; this was better than putting it into a dumpster and then a landfill, but there were a lot of drawbacks. For one, we had to store 6 pallet-sized totes at 750 lb. each in our valuable freezer space until pickup. With Grind2Energy, we grind food waste twice a day and move it outside into the tank. It allows us to keep a much cleaner shop.”

MEIKO has debuted the visually appealing, intuitive M-iClean undercounter dishmachine series. These hot-water-sanitizing, Energy Star-rated dishwasher/glasswashers each have a capacity of 37 racks/hr., and water consumption ranges from 0.55 gal./rack (M-iClean US) to 0.61 gal./rack (M-iClean UM+ and M-iClean UM). Notable features include an illuminated door handle showing certain colors to indicate the machine’s operating status (ready to load: blue; washing: green; in need of attention: red); an ergonomic touchscreen display, showing all available functions as easily identifiable icons; and Blue Touch parts color coding, indicating components that require manual cleaning for easy maintenance. The 2-stage M-iClean Filter continually strains food soil from the wash water; captured soil purges at the end of each cycle. Auto Safe automatically regulates the booster heater to ensure proper sanitizing temperatures. Three sizes available.

Move over spork, there’s a new combination utensil on the market. Easy to use, the Chork combines a fork and chopsticks, including a trainer/cheater configuration for the novice. Guests can use the 3-way eating utensil to efficiently gather noodles or grasp pot-stickers and children can enjoy an alternative to traditional chopsticks. Choose from red or black Chorks, available individually wrapped or in bulk-packaged cases.
Brown Innovation Group

The Xpress Touch espresso machine produces a variety of brewed drinks using fresh milk and whole coffee beans, which are ground for each beverage, in 25 sec. or less. The Xpress Touch gives customers more than 1,000 cold and hot drink options while using minimal counter space. Using the flavor system, the machine has the ability to infuse flavored syrups directly into the milk. Maintenance is simple and efficient thanks to an automated cleaning process that takes 10 min./day.
Concordia Beverage Systems/Middleby

Use your iPhone/iPad to keep track of your Rational SelfCookingCenter using the company’s new app, Rational Remote. Make sure to connect both the SelfCookingCenter and the iPhone/iPad to the same network. After that, the app will display the full screen content of the SelfCookingCenter; it will also allow you to control the equipment remotely. Download the app for free at
Rational USA

Hatco Corp. introduces its sleek, modern, low-profile Rapide Cuisine Induction Range. Designed and built for the durability and performance of commercial foodservice use, the Rapide Cuisine is constructed of black ceramic glass to handle the rigors of back-of-the-house cooking and prep areas, but is portable and adaptable for buffet lines and front-of-the-house applications, as well.
Hatco Corp.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ 7-color-coded food storage and preparation tools help ensure the safe, sanitary handling of food (raw meat, produce, potential allergens, etc.). The product range includes cutting boards and rack, tongs, high-heat spatulas and containers (square or circular) with lids. All products are dishwasher safe; the high-heat spatulas resist temperatures up to 500°F and the tongs have rubber grips to enable better control and handling.
Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Designed for high-volume use, this portable bar features a black-finish laminate with a stainless work area on the top, back and sides. Insulated ice bins, 1 at each end, come with drains and shut-off valves. Model R-8-B-7 comes with a 7-circuit ice bin cold plate. Dual speed rails hold up to 10 bottles of liquor. Hang towels on 2 rings. Employees can easily transport the bar using 6-in. heavy-duty swivel casters, including 2 with brakes. Model R-8-B measures 95¾-in.W x 24½-in.D x 47-in.H.
Advance Tabco

Nor-Lake’s AdvantEDGE undercounter/worktable refrigerator and freezer line now features a front-breathing design, allowing for zero-clearance installation on the top, sides and back. Nor-Lake reports the redesigned refrigeration systems meet 2017 Department of Energy requirements; refrigeration models are Energy Star rated. Choose from 1-, 2- or 3-door models—all doors self-close.

Produce Soak thoroughly washes and sanitizes fruits and vegetables; the wash-tank system removes soil and harmful contaminates—even from hard-to-reach produce creases and between leaves; it delivers greater food safety and increases shelf life. Choose from 3 standard sizes (2, 3 or 4 bays), as well as custom configurations to fit your operation’s needs. Individually divided bays allow you to wash different types of produce at the same time; each of the system’s sections sports 3 high-volume-yet-gentle wash jets.
Power Soak/Unified Brands

Pentair’s web-based Everpure product selection tool, available at, offers enhanced features yet still provides 24/7 access on all devices, such as tablets, smartphones and computers. Using this tool, users can quickly and easily choose the right Everpure-branded water treatment solution for their water-using equipment. A step-by-step selection process makes it easier for users to navigate through the site and to identify the recommended Everpure water treatment solution as well as alternative options. Pentair added 4 foodservice applications to this latest version to create a more robust database; the site also provides a photo, price and description for each product.
Pentair Everpure

Spring USA’s Motif cookware comes as a lightweight, durable alternative to cast iron. The cookware features a 2-ply exterior finish with a 3-ply stick-resistant interior; both the interior and exterior are reinforced with ceramic. Available in bronze and titanium finishes, the cookware is formed from cast aluminum, which distributes heat evenly and will not rust. A Spring USA induction plate is cast into each pan body for use on induction hobs. The cookware’s clear glass covers have stainless protective rims as well as vents to reduce condensation.
Spring USA

T&S Brass has extended its Big-Flo line of high-volume faucets to make installation even easier. The new BF-0299 Big-Flo faucets feature a single-hole, wall-mount design with ¾-in. inlets. Fitted with plain-end nozzles, Big-Flo faucets are designed for pot- or kettle-filling or other high-flow, high-volume needs in commercial kitchens. Available swing nozzles (6 in. to 18 in.) and double joint nozzles (18 in. and 24 in.) accommodate a variety of sink configurations to make the faucets convenient and easy to use.
T&S Brass

The Prodigy Plus line of self-monitoring ice machines builds on the Prodigy platform and delivers a number of customer-driven enhancements. Producing 300 lb./24 hr., the Prodigy Plus C0330 features external AutoAlert indicator lights; a front-facing air filter to reduce side-clearance requirements; and a QR code that instantly connects you to service information and warranty history. The WaterSense adaptive purge control automatically reduces scale buildup. Scotsman offers the ECO3ICE ozone-based growth-inhibitor as an option.
Scotsman/Ali Group

Iwatani’s CB-TC-CJ cooking torch features Memory Trigger. Start the butane flow by turning the control knob on the back of the torch. Pull the trigger to ignite the flame and adjust the flame to the size and strength you desire. Let go of the trigger and the butane will stop. Pull the trigger again and the flame will ignite to the same strength and size you set it at. There’s no need to adjust the torch each time you use it.
Iwatani Corp. of America

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