Notes From CFESA

If you are a member of the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association, or even if you are not, you should take advantage of the fact that CFESA holds regional meetings in addition to the annual conference. CFESA is formally inviting all dealers, manufacturers, manufacturer’s representatives, consultants and suppliers to attend our regional meetings. We welcome your input and contributions and firmly believe collaborating together we can all improve the end user Experience. If you can’t make it to the annual meeting, or even if you can, there’s a lot the CFESA regional meetings can offer you.

Aside from having fun and meeting other people in the industry, local meetings give members and guests the opportunity to address region-specific issues and broad industry topics while minimizing travel expenses. CFESA is divided into six regions, each holding at least one area meeting per year, but any CFESA member or guest can attend any regional meeting regardless of the region they call home. You can learn more about each CFESA region by visiting and clicking on your area.

Meeting with fellow service companies gives your business an opportunity to discuss industry concerns and formulate a plan to maximize the success of your business. Prepare for future government mandates that change how you’ll deal with issues like phasing out certain refrigerants. Talk with other service managers to learn about their customer service tactics-how they deal with unsatisfied customers or billing concerns-and how they ensure they’re keeping clients happy. Get their procedure for hiring new employees. Find out how to clarify job descriptions, goals, and expectations of employees while rewarding and retaining loyal workers.

Learn more about preventative maintenance schedules and how to maximize your company’s potential for profit using different sales strategies. Hear about successful P/M campaigns and how to sell them to the right customers. Work with fellow companies to find out what their checklist looks like when they perform a P/M inspection.

See how other companies are leveraging new technologies unavailable even a few years ago. Develop plans for the latest invoicing and tracking systems, so your customer’s work history is readily available in a digital database instead of in a file cabinet.

Additionally, you may suggest topics for the meeting agendas.

The regional meetings also give your company an opportunity to find out about upcoming industry training and education to bolster your list of qualifications and prepare employees for even the most complex equipment problems. Find out which courses are the perfect fit your management team and technicians to make sure your business is the best it can be.

The 2017 regional meeting information is as follows. You are more than welcome to attend, and we hope to see you there!

Region 1

Date: April 18-19

Location: Las Vegas

Contact: Ken Beasley,

Region 2

Date: May 18

Location: Illinois

Contact: TJ Coker,

Region 3

Date: April 24–25

Location: Dallas

Contact: Jonathan Riffe,

Region 4

Date: March 24–25

Location: Chick-fil-A HQ, 5200 Bluffington Rd., Atlanta

Contact: Jim Eason, 855/439.0450 or 229/439.0450,

Region 5

Date: April 11-12

Location: Fort Wayne, Ind.

Contact: Joe Birchhill,

Region 6

Date: May 6

Location: Quebec City, Quebec

Contact: Stephanie Dubeau,

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