Restaurants tap into technology to save money and time


For the past several years, restaurants have increasingly looked to technology to increase efficiency, reduce labor and generally modernize their operations.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions imposed to limit its spread accelerated that trend and compelled many restaurant operators toward an increasing reliance on technological tools and solutions. From online ordering and delivery apps to QR code-driven menus and touchless payment systems, technologies became increasingly important to the operation of a restaurant — and there’s no reason to think we’re going back.

This forced adoption period has opened many operators’ eyes to the efficiencies technology can offer, often brushing away Luddite apprehension and making believers out of even the most ardent skeptics.

Particularly with the rising cost and increasing scarcity of labor, operators may be looking to technological solutions to not only satisfy customers but also drive down operating costs.

Saving with technology

Technology can save money in some direct ways — like eliminating the cost of printed menus by relying on QR codes — and in some more indirect ways — like reducing labor needs by implementing self-service ordering and payment systems.

One new tool from T&S Brass allows restaurants to save through water conservation. T&S WaterWatch is a water-monitoring device and software that supports leaner operations by helping restaurants avoid unnecessary water expenses.

Leaks and unwanted water use cost U.S. restaurants over $1 billion annually. T&S WaterWatch, a foodservice first, provides operators an easy, cost-effective way to improve sustainability and prevent catastrophic damage.

Restaurants are responsible for about 15% of commercial water use in the U.S., according to the EPA. More than half of the water used in restaurants is in the kitchen and another 30% in the restroom.

T&S WaterWatch helps control those costs — and associated sewer and energy expenses — by monitoring water consumption across fixtures and helping to identify potential areas of overuse.

Designed specifically for complex foodservice needs, T&S WaterWatch can distinguish among fixtures and equipment such as faucets and pre-rinse units, ice machines, toilets and more to identify a dishwasher that’s consuming more water than it should, a leaky faucet that’s sending water down the drain all day long or a pre-rinse unit that’s been left to run while the operator tackles another task.

T&S WaterWatch also protects against damage and major expense caused by catastrophic water leaks, like a burst pipe, by sending an urgent alert to the user if an event is detected.

T&S WaterWatch works by “listening” to the flow of water in the pipes and identifying the unique sound signature of each type of water use. The device straps onto the main water line of a restaurant, requiring no cutting of pipes or invasive wiring.\

Learn more about how T&S WaterWatch works and how it can help your operation boost sustainability and save money at https://www.tsbrass.com/waterwatch.


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