Government Policy and Regulation

New Energy Star Specifications Official March 27

V4.0 specs cover refrigerators, freezers

NRA Releases Toolkit On FOG Control

Defines strategies on care and disposal of fat, oils and grease

Energy Star On The Chopping Block?

White House may cut federal leadership of the program 

North Carolina Clears Smoke On Outdoor Grills

Bill would legalize cooking outside

Los Angeles Gets Tough With Health Inspection Scores

No curve in new point-deduction system

Back Story: Karate Kid

Detective work finds the culprit in a case of damaged kitchen equipment

Canadian Province Flushes Dry Laws

Nova Scotia allows alcohol without dining in

GTI International Subsidiaries Merge to Become Frontier Energy

Fisher-Nickel, BKi, Davis Energy Combine

Restaurant Law Center Launches

NRA group to advocate for industry

Farm-To-Institution Webinar To Focus On Consultant Role

Program Set For January 31

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