Walk-In Gallery

With a wide range of standard and custom walk-in options on the market, we invited major suppliers to address you directly with details on their latest innovations and capabilities. The suppliers below, listed in alphabetical order, took up our offer and submitted materials.

Not surprisingly, many of the newest innovations revolve around energy efficiency and the latest federal energy requirements. Read on for details, and if you’re looking for more suppliers, see our online Buyers Guide at www.fermag.com for a comprehensive list of walk-in makers.

Note: Supplier statements not to be taken as editorial endorsements.

Company: American Panel Corp.
Headquarters: Ocala, Fla.
Newest feature: System 100 Monitor
Supplier statement: Increased efficiencies, ease of operation and enhanced safety features are all included in the new System Monitors from American Panel. Standard walk-ins constructed for shipment after March 1, 2008, will be equipped with the System 100 Monitor at no additional cost. Systems requiring real-time memory, HACCP documentation and other related options will be equipped with the System 200 Monitor for a nominal upcharge. Regardless of the model you choose, significant energy savings, efficient lighting and door heater control, temperature monitoring and remote alarm connection capability will be included.

Company: Bally Refrigerated Boxes
Headquarters: Morehead, N.C.
Newest feature: SmartVap II controller
Supplier statement: Bally Refrigerated Boxes makes defrosting simpler and smarter with the new SmartVap II controller, introduced last spring. The controller addresses a major installation challenge: the addition of control wiring between condensing units and evaporators. SmartVap’s two pipes and two wires eliminate wiring back to the condensing unit, and the unit is factory preset to suit most applications. Once installed SmartVap electronically controls box temperature, defrost initiation, defrost termination and fan delay. In addition, Bally says it uses energy-efficient HFC-245fa blowing agent to foam the panels in its walk-in coolers and freezers. Bally manufactures custom lengths and widths as well as standard modular units.

Company: Emerson Climate Technologies
Headquarters: Sidney, Ohio
Note: Emerson offers a Copeland Scroll compressor for walk-in coolers and freezers.
Supplier statement: Walk-ins require constant opening and closing, which translates into a recipe for high energy costs. Opting to outfit your walk-in with a Copeland Scroll compressor allows you to take advantage of the technology’s inherent ability to maintain more consistent temperature levels and use less energy. The Scroll compressor trades a piston-and-cylinder design for continuously pressurized refrigerant, which typically results in more even refrigerant flow, even temperature and superior efficiency. Thus, says Emerson, the Scroll compressor saves energy and also impacts your maintenance costs due to the durability of the technology and its ability to handle the toughest applications.

Company: Harford Duracool/Manitowoc
Headquarters: Aberdeen, Md.
Supplier statement: All custom walk-ins from Harford come equipped with standard 4"-thick non-CFC polyurethane-insulated wall panels. For units installed outside, a membrane roof cap offers weather protection, and a sloped roof keep rain away from your building. Harford’s Super Door construction offers smooth, cam-action hinges and a flush fit. Meanwhile, a freezer defrost time clock is mounted inside the weather housing and set to defrost four times a day. All units are shipped preassembled on a Harford truck, and a drain line from each evaporator is completely factory installed and trapped to the exterior of the walk-in.

Company: Hussmann Corp.
Headquarters: Bridgeton, Mo.
Newest feature: Door Anti-Sweat Heater
Supplier statement: Many anti-sweat heaters in doors operate 100% of the time, regardless of conditions. Hussmann’s DASH control ensures optimal energy savings by turning the heat on only when needed and turning it off when not needed. Further, many anti-sweat heaters have externally mounted sensors on the doors. Hussmann’s DASH control is integrated into the door-frame assembly and is invisible to the consumer. Finally, many anti-sweat heaters must be installed in the field. Hussmann’s DASH control is factory-installed in the door-frame assembly, and the exact location and position of the sensor required for optimal performance is set at the factory.

Company: Kolpak/Manitowoc
Headquarters: North Parsons, Tenn.
Newest feature: HFC-245fa insulation
Supplier statement: Kolpak has converted to "green" foam for panel insulation in its entire walk-in refrigeration line. Kolpak builds all panels using the water-based, zero-ozone-depleting HFC-245fa insulation blowing compound, which eliminates the harmful impact of other foaming agents and processes. In addition, HFC-245fa foam can offer higher energy efficiency than comparable insulating foam. Kolpak walk-ins feature a host of other energy-saving features, including Super Door construction, door sweep gaskets, Posi-Loc panels and adjustable door hinges for airtight fit, and reduced compressor run times. Green-friendly R-404A refrigeration systems are also available as an option on all Kolpak units.

Company: Kool Star/Standex
Headquarters: Long Beach, Calif.
Newest feature: Klear Sight Door
Supplier statement: Kool Star says the Klear Sight Door provides energy savings, increased efficiencies and reduced product loss while providing an aesthetic advantage. The Klear Sight Door allows you to view product and inventory before entering the walk-in, encourages staff to keep the walk-in clean and organized, offers an open and non-claustrophobic environment, provides lighting into the walk-in if lights are turned off, and gives management the ability to monitor and decrease product theft and tampering. The Klear Sight Door was designed as an alternate to a full Plexiglass or acrylic door and meets federal energy requirements.

Company: Leer Mfg.
Headquarters: New Lisbon, Wis.
Supplier statement: Leer says its walk-in coolers and freezers feature 4" foamed-in-place panel structures that exceed the requirements of the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act. All Leer walk-ins incorporate a 12-ga. all-welded steel frame foamed into the door panel for structure and rigidity. Leer corners are two-piece panels that fit together to form a perfect 90� angle for ease of installation. Leer’s standard floor is 16-ga. stainless steel, which is strong, resistant to staining and easy to clean. Options include stucco or smooth-panel finishes; prepainted steel, aluminum or stainless steel panel surfaces; and preassembled remote and self-contained refrigeration.

Company: Master-Bilt/Standex
Headquarters: New Albany, Miss.
Newest feature: Master-Controller defrost system
Supplier statement: The Master-Controller process uses less energy than electric defrost heaters, says Master-Bilt, resulting in an 80% reduction in defrost energy usage. This savings, coupled with that from the demand defrost, dramatically reduces electrical bills. While other reverse cycle methods exist, Master-Bilt says the Master-Controller is unique because it’s controlled by the electric expansion valve found within the system. Some other systems rely on mechanical components, such as check valves and extra thermostatic expansion valves, to control the reverse cycle valve. This patented system is an example of Master-Bilt’s ability to provide the technology and innovations demanded by today’s increasingly energy-efficient industry.

Company: Nor-Lake/Standex
Headquarters: Hudson, Wis.
Newest feature: Alarm and light management system
Supplier statement: Nor-Lake’s NL708 alarm/light management system was designed to save energy and protect inventory by automatically turning off lights as well as providing an alert when a door has not closed properly. Options available with this system are a door switch that will automatically turn on lights when the door is open, an alarm that will sound when the door has been left open, a motion sensor that will turn on lights when the walk-in is occupied, and a phone dialer that will notify pre-determined phone numbers when the high- or low-temperature limits have been reached.

Company: Polar King Int’l.
Headquarters: Fort Wayne, Ind.
Newest features: Pallet jacket floor options, high-efficiency fan motors, 5" insulation.
Supplier statement: Polar King offers both standardized and highly customized outdoor walk-in solutions. In both cases, Polar King utilizes a patented fiberglass design to create a seamless weatherproof structure. From a basic walk-in cooler to an intricate food processing facility, Polar King offers the flexibility to create a walk-in specific to any application. For temporary storage, Polar King is the exclusive supplier for Polar Leasing Co., which offers a national fleet of walk-in cooler and freezer rentals for emergencies, seasonal storage or special events.

Company: Thermo-Kool/Mid-South Industries
Headquarters: Laurel, Miss.
Newest feature: Dura-Floor heavy-duty structural flooring
Supplier statement: Thermo-Kool walk-ins are designed for maximum customization, durability and performance. Panels are available in 1" increments to ensure complete design flexibility. While most situations can be addressed with standard sizes and configurations, Thermo-Kool walk-ins can be customized to fit unusual space requirements with all panels locking securely in place. Thermo-Kool walk-ins are preassembled and quality-control inspected prior to shipment for a trouble-free and quick installation. Thermo-Kool 4" panels meet R-value requirements of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. Thermo-Kool is committed in providing a complete energy-efficient walk-in and refrigeration package along with superior service before and after the sale.

Company: U.S. Cooler
Headquarters: Quincy, Ill.
Newest feature: recyclable Hybrid panels
Supplier statement: In addition to state-of-the-art production facilities with automated systems and a variety of online services for customers, U.S. Cooler now offers recyclable Hybrid panels for walk-in coolers. Introduced this month, the Hybrid is a 4"-thick panel consisting of 3" extruded polystyrene and 1" expanded polystyrene, measurements that exceed EISA requirements. This combination provides the strength and moisture resistance of extruded polystyrene and the insulation economics of expanded polystyrene. U.S. Cooler will offer the Hybrid cooler in addition to its leading line of 4" extruded polystyrene coolers and freezers. U.S. Cooler’s panels are 100% recyclable and are made from over 60% recycled materials.

Company: W.A. Brown
Headquarters: Salisbury, N.C.
Newest feature: Structural Flooring
Supplier statement: In addition to a spec line of custom walk-ins, W.A. Brown offers Brown Xpress standard models with all wall panels and ceilings made from Galvalume Plus (aluminum-zinc alloy coated sheet steel). Brown Xpress refrigeration systems are pre-assembled, remote refrigeration condensing units with matching low-profile evaporator coils. The line also offers EZ-Pak contained refrigeration systems complete with condensing unit and evaporator coil in one housing. One of W.A. Brown’s more recent innovations is the first structural cooler floor. Today the design has been mastered so that the floor supports 15,000 lbs. per sq. ft. of evenly distributed standing loads and 5,000 lbs. of rolling loads.

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