Wholesale Food Prices Mixed In November; Menu Prices Up Again

Wholesale food prices rose slightly, up 0.3% at the final demand level in November, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Producer Price Index. The gain, which comes on the heels of two consecutive month during which prices at the final demand stage fell 0.8%, was driven by an 11.8% jump for fresh fruits and a double-digit gain in egg prices. Food prices at the final demand stage are running 3.9% lower than a year ago on a seasonally unadjusted basis. Prices fell in November at earlier stages of production. The index for foods and feeds at the intermediate stage fell 0.4% and dropped 3% at the unprocessed foods at feedstuffs level.

Meanwhile, at the consumer level, menu prices rose 0.2% in November for the third time in the past four months, according to BLS Consumer Price Index data. At grocery stores, prices fell 0.3%. For the past 12 months, menu prices have risen 2.7% while prices at grocery stores are up only 0.3%.

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