Weight Charges For Dishwashers On The Docket (Again)

Dirty dishes and the subject of weight charges for the machines that clean them never seem to go away. Our friend, Tim Walsh, vice president at ReTrans Freight, tipped us off that dishwashers are back on the docket for class change consideration at next week’s Commodity Classification Standards Board. The public meeting will consider proposals for amending the National Motor Freight Classifications.  The dishwasher proposal hinges on the difference in liability between packaging and shipping the equipment in crates versus boxes. If the proposal passes, the classification would change to a multiple class density item that affecting freight costs. Shannon Allard is the main point of contact on the dishwasher proposal. Email allard@nmfta.org or call 703/838-1809.

Grease traps are the subject of a proposal that would create a specific item for plastic grease traps. Currently the plastic versions are classified with the plumbers’ goods as a singular commodity.

Two other subjects are of interest to the disposables marketplace.  Foil, foil wrappers or foil scrap, as well as plastic and rubber film or sheeting will be examined for density changes. As far as film and sheeting, the question of weight class hinges first on whether the product is food grade or not, then by density.

The CCSB meeting is Jan. 26 in Cape Coral, Fla. The complete docket can be found here.

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