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Roy Rogers Restaurants, a western-themed quick-service restaurant based in Frederick, Md., has relied on Hobart slicers for decades. Launched more than 50 years ago, Roy Rogers operates 52 corporate and franchised stores. Each store depends on a Hobart HS7N automatic slicer, positioned at the center of the front-of-house production counter. Employees use it to slice to-order hot, slow-roasted, top (inside) round USDA Choice beef (as opposed to a pressed meat product used by the chain’s competitors) for one of Roy Rogers’ signature sandwiches. They also use it to slice premium Smithfield ham for breakfast sandwich and platter offerings and for another signature entrée, the Double R Bar Burger. Employees serve the ¼-lb. burger on a Kaiser roll with a slice of American cheese and top it with sliced and seared Smithfield ham. Al Jones, Director of Operations for Roy Rogers, appreciates the slicer’s dependability and safety features. “We used to spec two slicers per store and we were looking to reduce equipment costs,” notes Jones, who joined the company in 1979. “Hobart slicers are very reliable. It could be a problem if that one slicer were to fail, but it’s not. The availability of parts and service is very strong.” As for safety features, Jones points to the zero-knife exposure—the knife edge is not exposed during cleaning or sharpening. It has an effective sharpening system, too. Employees sharpen the slicer’s 13-in. knife every day, because a sharp knife plays a critical part in producing the correct slice of roast beef and ham. Jones adds, “Borazon stones have a lifetime guarantee, so we never have to replace them.”
Hobart Corp.

Train less, fry more with BKI TC Series high-volume deep fryers featuring touchscreen controls with employee Training Central. Training and retraining employees how to operate equipment takes up precious time. With Training Central, employees can look up any procedure or operation—programming, cooking, cleaning, filtering, or boil-out procedures—then follow intuitive, step-by-step on-screen instructions to complete the task.

Glastender’s FS12 Fusion Sink is a space-saving, tiered design that combines a hand sink and wet waste sink into one 12-in.W x 24-in.D underbar unit. The upper hand sink drains into the lower wet waste sink to melt ice. Standard features include a hot-and-cold water faucet, side splashes, soap dispenser, and front-flush C-fold paper towel dispenser.

Vollrath’s food delivery and transport bags extend delivery range and help provide a restaurant-quality experience for customers at home. Operator friendly with durable, weather resistant design, the products provide insulation and warmth at a variety of price points and in different styles, from pizza delivery bags to backpack bags. In the 3-Series, hot food generates heat in the bag while the insulation helps retain the heat to keep food warm. The next level in the heating bag line, the 5-Series with Heat Pad, features a heat pad that pre-heats the bag and is either unplugged for transport or powered by an optional 12V in-car power cord.
Vollrath Co.

This dust containment bag provides a simple method for cleaning refrigerator/freezer condenser coils, which helps the units run more efficiently, but without spreading particulates through the kitchen area. The bag fully envelopes the condenser coil unit, and 2 ports allow for insertion of a compressed-air hose and a vacuum hose. Air goes in, dust comes out. Regular cleaning in this manner can save hundreds of dollars per year in electrical costs.
CoilPod LLC

Installation, set-up and operation are at your fingertips with the 2.8-in., icon-based easyTouch display featured on the Indigo NXT ice machine. One-touch access to asset information, service menu, reminders and alerts simplify programming everything from operation during off-peak energy times to water usage to a tamper-resistant display lock. The optional built-in LuminIce II device makes sure the food zone is hygienic, while overall design ensures easy access to maintenance areas. Plus, it’s energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The Traulsen G-Series “Dealer’s Choice” reach-in refrigerators and freezers offer a selection of door options, including number (1, 2 or 3), height (full or half) and hinge placement (left or right). Standard features include microprocessor control with LED temp readout; top-mounted, balanced, self-contained refrigeration system; stainless doors and anodized aluminum sides and interiors; and thermostatic expansion valve metering device for quick refrigeration recovery times.
Traulsen/ITW FEG

Berkel’s 829E-Plus 1-speed, ½-hp manual gravity-feed slicer is seamlessly finished in stainless and anodized aluminum and disassembles quickly for cleaning. Slices large roasts, deli goods and cheeses that are up to 11-in.W and 8½-in.H, or 8½-in. diameter from tissue thin to 5/8-in. thick on the 45°-angle product carriage. Slicer dimensions are 23-in.W x 26½-in.D x 22½-in.H. Two-stone knife sharpener is top-mounted and provides a razor edge to the 14-in.-diameter, chromium-plated, carbon-steel blade (380 rpm, 4 amps). The knife ring guard is permanent and tapered and covers the non-slicing portion of the knife edge even when the center plate is removed; it’s designed to make the space behind the knife easy to clean.
Berkel/ITW FEG

MULTIMAX combi makes work in the kitchen easy as a result of its 5-in. display screen and multi-cooking capabilities that replace several pieces of equipment. This combi stores up to 99 recipes. The Live Steam System monitors and controls precision steaming and features dynamic pause times that produce baked goods with a golden crust and delicious smoked meats and sous-vide dishes. The Multi-Eco System uses up to 42% less water and the Live Steam System reduces energy consumption up to 46%. Steam Protection System saves energy and provides safer operation by automatically extracting steam from the cooking chamber once the cooking process is complete. The MULTIMAX is available in several sizes that allow for use of 6 to 20 18 x 26 pans.
Eloma/Ali Group

Elevate the look of your culinary creations with trendy TuxTrendz designs, which showcase a wide selection of original dinnerware collections and accessory items that are sure to impress even your most discerning guest. For example, the Sandbar Collection boasts a contemporary yet playful design that lures a diner’s eye to the center of the plate to capture the creativity of the chef’s culinary vision. The porcelain white dinnerware collection includes a range of plates, oil dish, fruit dish, rim bowl and pasta bowls.
Tuxton China

The INFINITI line of serving counters sports tops made of 1-piece, 16-ga. stainless all-welded construction, panels that are 16-ga. stainless all-welded construction, and a frame of 1/4-in.-sq. stainless tubing. Available countertop materials include stainless, solid-surface materials, granite and many other alternatives. Front panel materials, exterior finishes and state-of-the-art food shield options are virtually unlimited. Set up and equip the INFINITI line for self-service or full service.
Atlas Metal Industries

Offering the energy efficiency of induction in a heavy-duty application, this Legend Heavy-Duty Induction Range delivers high performance and maximum reliability. It features 4 heat zones with a maximum 3.5kW each and a durable 6-mm-thick Ceran plate. Use separate power (on/off) and heat set controls with digital 0%-100% power LCD readouts under glass. Pan detection and temperature sensor automatically shuts off the hob if an unsuitable, empty or overheated pan is detected. Range surface area measures 26-in. x 28-in. Cooking compartment measures 26-in.W x 28-in.D x 10-in.H. Cast-iron burner totals 32,000 Btu/hr. The heavy-duty counter-weighted oven door has no springs.

Frontline’s modular lineup of fresh oil and waste oil systems offers customized, flexible, right-sized solutions. The EZ Oil system for fresh boxed oil offers greater yields and higher-quality oil choices. Waste oil equipment includes indoor and outdoor containment tanks (with Direct-Plumbed options), grill grease systems, portable caddies, and filtration equipment. The M3 (Monitor, Measure and Manage) web-based system lets you calibrate quality, automatically top-off fryers after orders, track waste oil and schedule a pickup.
Frontline Int’l.

ConserveWell Heated Utensil Holders are an eco-friendly method of rinsing and preventing bacteria growth by holding utensils in water over 140°F. Proven to cut water usage by nearly 99% each day and reduce utility costs compared with continuous-flow dipper wells, they save money while reducing environmental impact. ConserveWell Heated Utensil Holders are available in drop-in or mountable models and 120V or 230V options.
Server Products

Perfect for any medium or high-volume foodservice establishment, the 1400W Model 1434N1A commercial microwave features a large 1.2-cu.-ft. cook cavity, grab-n-go door, large easy-to-read controls and 100 programmable times. The economically priced unit includes stainless construction inside and out.

Putting users in front of system maintenance and control, the Conserv HE-3 High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System offers real-time remote monitoring, easy expandability, custom water blending capability and a unique atmospheric storage tank design all in a compact footprint. The system also features a proprietary, high-efficiency RO membrane for less water waste than most conventional RO solutions.
Pentair Everpure

Providing high-capacity storage in a small, 24-in.W x 24-in.D footprint, Perlick Wine Column Refrigeration features space-efficient, climate-controlled column refrigeration. Single- (up to 91 bottles) and dual-zone (up to 99 bottles) models are available, and a factory-set sensor maintains optimum humidity level. Vibrant blue and white LED interior lighting provides a clear view of products. Black-polymer-dipped shelves provide vibration protection and protect labels from abrasion.
Perlick Corp.

Master-Bilt’s Master-Chill roll-in and pass-through blast chillers and blast freezers improve food safety, increase productivity in the kitchen, minimize microbial activity and extend the shelf life of food. The blast chiller/freezer can be a stand-alone unit or integrated into a walk-in, allowing a customizable solution depending on space requirements. Other features include standard stainless rack(s), full-length evaporator coils and vertical fan towers providing evenly distributed cooling and surface-mounted electronic controls with audible alarms at the end of the chilling cycle.

Accurex’s line of make-up air solutions provides balance and comfort to the kitchen environment and staff. Not only do they keep the workspace comfortable and productive, the packaged cooling systems provide installation advantages, using single-point power to reduce electrical install costs up to 70%. To deliver maximum performance, the commercial condensers use a draw-through airflow design for superior cooling and efficiencies while also providing variable air volume turndown capabilities on heating applications.

Go ahead and splash around it, spill liquids on it, even submerge it. The BRAVO! BRV-160W waterproof digital scale can handle almost anything a busy kitchen can ask of it. It can be field recalibrated and has an oversized stainless platform standard and a large LCD display. Display options include: 10-lb. x 0.05-oz.; 160-oz. x 0.05-oz.; 160-oz. x 1/8-oz.; 5000-g. x 1-g.; 10-lb. x 0.002-lb.; 160-fl. oz. x 0.05-fl. oz.; and 5000-ml. x 1-ml. It is powered by UL/CUL/CE-listed dual-voltage AC power supply or 2 AA batteries with an auto shut-off.
Edlund Co.

Specifi Studio service offers manufacturers a global solution to publish their symbols, pricing and data, enabling designers, specifiers, consultants and dealers to access up-to-date specification data through leading design software options. Specifi replaces traditional time-consuming methods with an end-to-end solution to complete synchronized work on complex of projects.


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