Industry Service Awards

2020 Industry Service Award Winner Peter Cryan

During his eight years on the equipment innovations side at Arby’s, Cryan and his team have partnered with suppliers to “Arby-tize” cook-hold ovens, fryers and beyond in pursuit of a more efficient cookline.

2020 Industry Service Award Winner Richard Eisenbarth

Five years ago, Richard Eisenbarth joined with a group of professionals in the foodservice design industry to create the Foodservice Design BootCamp. The idea was to educate facility managers and operators about the design process to help their large, noncommercial projects to run smoothly.

2020 Industry Service Award Winner Joe Schmitt

In his early 30s, Joe Schmitt came to the realization that he wasn’t happy with the career path he was on as a CPA and a banker. Looking around for a new challenge, he was presented with the opportunity to buy Rapids Wholesale.

2020 Industry Service Award Winner Michael Posternak

Michael Posternak has served as a member of MAFSI since he started working as a manufacturers’ rep in the late 1970s.

2020 FER Industry Service Award Winner Erik Koenig

CFESA is launching a marketing strategy in 2020, and Erik Koenig has played an integral role in the development of the branding, storytelling and marketing tools that make up that strategy.

2019 Industry Service Awards: Brad Pierce

Brad Pierce, President, Restaurant Equipment World, Orlando, Fla., is like the guy in the Dos Equis ad campaign, according to Brad Wasserstrom, President of the Wasserstrom Co., Columbus, Ohio, and a FER 2017 Industry Service Award winner. “I call him the most interesting man in foodservice.” 

2019 Industry Service Awards: Eric Norman

Eric Norman has had big shoes to fill. The 19-year consulting veteran and V.P.-Mid-West Division at Clevenger Associates, Asbury, Iowa, Norman is the son of industry legend Ed Norman, FFCSI, founder of MVP Services Group, a former board chairman of FCSI-The Americas, and both a NAFEM and MAFSI Award of Merit recipient. Ed also is a FER 2013 Industry Service Award recipient.

2019 Industry Service Awards: Mike McGuire

Ask anyone who knows Mike McGuire, Managing Partner, Zink Foodservice Group, Columbus, Ohio, what his passion is, and that person will likely tell you it’s making sure that things get done right to the satisfaction of all parties, whether it’s a business deal, an equipment installation, or a charity fundraising event.

2019 Industry Service Awards: Wayne Stoutner

Wayne Stoutner, CEO, Duffy’s-AIS, Rochester, N. Y., likes to work hard and play hard. Since one of his passions is tournament fishing both in New York and Florida, he often takes customers, business associates and friends out on Lake Ontario in his charter fishing boat.

2019 Industry Service Awards: Jeff Cook

Jeff Cook, Senior Director Global Equipment, McDonald’s Corp., Romeoville, Ill., sums up his life and career in bits of wisdom, the mantras he’s collected over the years. Not because what’s he’s accomplished or how he’s lived is simplistic but because he moves, thinks and speaks so quickly that he has little time for anything superfluous. Besides, those aphorisms have real meaning. Like the job title he playfully lists on his LinkedIn page— “Head Engineering Wizard” at the “Coolest Job on Earth.” 

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