Design Trends

Cutting Through The FOG

Your grease traps just need a little extra attention to keep your operation’s plumbing running smoothly.

FOCUS: Scrap Happy

Your scrapping station is key to getting the most from your fancy new energy- and water-efficient dishmachine.

Clean Plate Club

Today’s flight-type warewashers offer more cleaning power using less water and energy than ever.

FER FOCUS: New Tools For Tackling Food Waste

Landfills are filling up, and jurisdictions from sea to shining sea are looking to divert food waste. We look at two new types of systems getting traction in the U.S.

FER FOCUS: Eco-Friendlier Cleaning Solutions

ECA—electro-chemical activation—is emerging as the eco-friendlier future of cleaning and sanitizing solutions. And the future is now.

FOCUS: Ice Age 2

New Energy Star specs have spurred a slew of new ice machines that make more ice in less space with less energy and water than ever.

FER REPORT: Oil That Glitters Is Gold

Time to think of your fryer the way you do your car. Oil management systems save money—from purchase to disposal—and improve your food quality at the same time.

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