Design Trends

The Kitchen of the Future

Automation has suddenly accelerated. Here’s why.

Survival Guide: Water Filtration Systems

Contaminates in water can ruin customers’ drinks or gum up foodservice equipment. Both are costly. Maintain your water filtration system. You can start by regularly changing filters.

The Communicating Kitchen Movement

To work smarter, the back-of-house now needs to be smarter.

Arby’s Moves The Dial

Arby’s systemwide energy efficiency program, spanning six years and 1,000+ company-owned locations, has netted the Atlanta-based, fast-crafted sandwich brand annual energy savings in the millions of dollars. It’s also resulted in an edgy new prototype, a U.S. Department of Energy award—and a new lease on life.

Conveyor To Cleanliness

From newer technologies—ventless!—to throughput and tank options, here are top questions to ask before specifying a rack-conveyor warewasher.

Hot Water: Fast, Plentiful & Most Efficient

Fisher-Nickel’s CEC Water Grant funds groundbreaking research on hot water systems in a restaurant and a school.

A Chill Wind: Latest Refrigeration Regulations

This brief update on cold-side regulations coming down the pike make it clear operators will need expert input to navigate the changes.

Tips For Finding The Right Water-Filtration System

Read up on a few basics about what’s in your water and the types of filters available to make it the best quality it can be.

Cutting Through The FOG

Your grease traps just need a little extra attention to keep your operation’s plumbing running smoothly.

FOCUS: Scrap Happy

Your scrapping station is key to getting the most from your fancy new energy- and water-efficient dishmachine.

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