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Younger Demographics Driving Full-Service Restaurant Growth

Sales at full-service restaurants haven’t returned to pre-pandemic levels, and it’s due to older guests not spending as much, says Black Box.

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Technomic Expects Consumers To ‘Trade Down’ Foodservice Due to High Gas Prices

While Technomic expects consumers to still visit restaurants, the firm expects they’ll be signing smaller guest checks as they choose more affordable dining spots and forego extras like add-on desserts, appetizers and beverages.

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Restaurant Sales, Traffic Take a Dip, Says Black Box

For the week ending March 20, Black Box says same-store sales took a dip, and though they remain positive, the decline may suggest “a future possibility of negative sales growth.”

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Report Says Guest Satisfaction Declined Among All Restaurant Segments Last Year

As restaurants battled staffing challenges, COVID-related protocols and supply chain shortages last year that significantly impacted operations as restaurants were reopening, it appears overall guest satisfaction took a hit along the way.

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MAFSI Barometer Shows a ‘Healthy Increase’ in Sales for Q4

Sales projections were nearly right on target, with Q4 sales growing 17.3% over Q4 2020. MAFSI predicts a 16.8% sales increase for Q1 2022.

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Gas Prices Could Spell Trouble for March Restaurant Sales

The restaurant industry caught a bit of a break in February as a dip in the omicron variant led to the strongest monthly sales increase in nine months. However, the reprieve might be short-lived.

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Restaurant Sales Growth Hits a Positive Streak

Restaurant industry sales are finally showing signs of recovery, according to Black Box Financial Intelligence’s weekly Restaurant Industry Performance Pulse.

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Valentine’s Day Helps Boost Restaurant Sales into Positive Growth Territory

After weeks of declining restaurant sales growth, the industry saw some improvement for the week ending Feb. 20, according to Black Box Financial Intelligence’s weekly Restaurant Industry Performance Pulse.

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Foodservice Industry Decelerates for Fourth Straight Month, Says Technomic

Technomic released its TIndex—a measurement of the health of the foodservice industry—for January, and it shows the industry has experienced four consecutive months of deceleration.

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Supply Chain Challenges Continue To Hinder Foodservice E&S Manufacturers

Respondents in NAFEM’s latest member survey once again report rising costs of shipping and supply shortages as top concerns.

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