FER FOCUS: New Tools For Tackling Food Waste

Landfills are filling up, and jurisdictions from sea to shining sea are looking to divert food waste. We look at two new types of systems getting traction in the U.S.

DESIGN: Fatburger Finds Its Wings

Adding a Buffalo’s Express component to Fatburger restaurants took only three extra pieces of big equipment. Then sales took flight to the tune of a 25%-plus increase.

Naval Victory

An amazing temporary kitchen feeds 4,500 cadets at the U.S. Naval Academy as the historic King Hall dining facility undergoes renovation.

DESIGN: Fine Tuning

New and pending kitchen tweaks (to both equipment and layout) will improve Cheddar’s Casual Cafe’s operations, flow, service and cost-to-build.

DESIGN: 1,000 Degrees of Pizza

Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza relies on a single, massive oven fueled by the intense heat of burning anthracite. The coal-fired stone-hearth oven is used for practically every dish on the Sacco’s menu, from pizza to cake, and soon, pasta. Here’s how one artisanal restaurant ekes maximum quality and flexibility from a minimalist cooking battery.

FER FOCUS: Eco-Friendlier Cleaning Solutions

ECA—electro-chemical activation—is emerging as the eco-friendlier future of cleaning and sanitizing solutions. And the future is now.

DESIGN: Baptist Health Lexington Connects The Dots

Space constraints dictated a challenging three-floor layout for Baptist Health Lexington’s new kitchen, servery and dock. But smart design has linked the floors’ back-of-house systems in a ground-breaking feat of integration that covers water, oil, waste and much more.

FOCUS: Ice Age 2

New Energy Star specs have spurred a slew of new ice machines that make more ice in less space with less energy and water than ever.

UNIT DESIGN: Coba-Cocina: Three-Part Harmony

Coba Cocina, featuring three concepts under one roof, relies on a compact kitchen, just-in-time-style food prep and daily deliveries to serve the Lexington, Ky., 424-seat, destination restaurant.

DESIGN: View Finder

Action serving stations, flexible equipment and technology and panoramic sightlines put food front-and-center at Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc.’s new employee dining facility.

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