Sometimes, service visits read like a mystery novel. Chuck Pecka, formerly a full-time field technician and currently the Branch Manager for Duffy’s Equipment Service’s Binghamton, N.Y., office, remembers a call from a restaurant owner who told him that dishes were coming out of his rack-conveyor-style dishmachine speckled with a mysterious black goo baked on after…

FOCUS: Scrap Happy

Your scrapping station is key to getting the most from your fancy new energy- and water-efficient dishmachine.

FER FOCUS: Mixer Might

Countertop mixers are one of the smaller pieces of kitchen equipment, but when it comes to versatility and labor-saving power, they pack a major punch.

FER REPORT: Carry A Big Stick

Commercial immersion blenders let you take the mixing and chopping action right to the pot, bowl or storage container.

TECH TIPS: Fryer Care Basics

When your cooking medium is oil, regular upkeep is critical to maintaining your fryer.

BACK STORY: Refrigeration Failure? Perish The Thought

KLR Service LLC, St. Thomas, V.I., fix an emergency refrigeration fiasco and remind us that many problems can be prevented.

Care And Feeding: Kitchen Exhaust

A clean hood is a happy hood, and proper care can prevent a multitude of complications, including fires.

On The Double

Double-sided grills cook faster, increase throughput, improve consistency and can save energy and labor, all in the same space you’re using now.

Changing The Rules: Exhaust-Energy Limits

Kitchen exhaust codes used to focus on minimum rates and included unlisted hoods. ANSI/ASHRAE 90.1-2010 changed that—now, unlisted hoods are about to join the dinosaurs.

Warewasher Care

Follow these basic maintenance tips to maximize the performance of your flight-type warewasher.

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