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Economic Conditions Are Disrupting Restaurant Operations, Says New Survey

Nearly half of operators report that business conditions are worse than they were three months ago.

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Restaurant Spending Sees ‘Surprise’ Uptick

The restaurant spending index rose 3.75% from July to August, according to the latest economy and spending report from Chain Store Guide.

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Food at Home Prices Continue To Outpace Food Away From Home Index

Inflation for food at home is up significantly from price increases in the food away from home category, with the indexes in July at 13.1% and 7.6%, respectively.

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IFMA Predicts Operator Spend Will Flatten in 2023

Despite a forecast for flat growth, IFMA says most segments will spend more due to inflation.

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June RPI Falls to Lowest Level in 16 Months

While most restaurant operators continued to report higher same-store sales compared to last year, the National Restaurant Association says customer traffic readings turned negative for the first time since February 2021. 

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Customers Are Noticing Menu Price Hikes, and It’s Impacting Traffic, Says Black Box

Black Box says guests are noticing the continuous menu price increases, and it's impacting traffic and sales.

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Food Away From Home Costs Continue To Rise

Inflation surged again in June, hitting a new 40-year high—and restaurant menu prices weren’t spared.

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Restaurant Spending Continues To Decline in July

Restaurant spending has been slowly declining since March, and it saw its biggest dip this year in July, according to the monthly Consumer Spending Report on retail sales by Chain Store Guide.

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May TIndex Shows Restaurant Traffic is Softening  

Foodservice sales have been gradually picking up since dropping in January, but they flattened last month.

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What To Know From the Latest Restaurant Performance Index

While the National Restaurant Association’s RPI dipped in April, May proved to be a stronger month, with restaurant operators reporting positive same-store sales and traffic compared to last year.

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